Shifts or Trends in Digital Citizens Behaviour

Trends that are taking place:

The primary connection tool has become a mobile device. More people own a mobile phone and use it as their primary source of connectivity across the web, to interact socially, to search for information they require and to contribute to society’s fabric that is present on the web.

A shift has definitely taken place in accessing news and current affairs online, people will no longer wait for the daily paper, but access news as it is happening across the globe on their digital network.

The shift from traditional advertising from TV, radio, papers and magazines to the ease of seeking out digital advertising on computers and phones and therefore to be able to access and connect with the goods and services they require there.

The sales of hard copy music is down ,consumers are not buying records or CDs ,they have shifted to downloading music and buying only what they want to listen to .Or downloading apps. which will allow them to listen to their favourite tunes(their playlist) and not have to pay. They do not own copies or are able to transfer but must listen on their computer or mobile device (e.g. Spotify).Also an increase in pirate copies and shared music, which is not paid for and royalties will therefore not be given and copyright is breached.

Access of video has also been dealt the same blow, as more gets pirated and shared .Also it is downloaded from You Tube or shared on Facebook for news and information video, rather than accessing traditional methods.

Given these trends, which are growing more rapidly than all the previous forms of information provision, it is imperative to adapt and or create formal policy which will take these shifts and changes into account. The shift in activity is definitely to online and mobile access .Therefore it is important to create policy which identifies and controls this use for the safety of the individual and organisation. Security and privacy of the individual and the organisation can be at risk if these policies for use are not in place. Abuse and mismanagement for clients and resources could then occur. Security and online safety will be a major concern as numbers of digital citizens increase and the age demographic widens.

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