Had to share ,the tool I really love,putting in one place in a great visual template….lovely!

After jumping onto all these different social media platforms,I really needed a way to manage,organise and understand it all.Vizify provides a great template to put all your sharing places in one space,accessible,visable and a bit infectious.Still at play stage,so having fun,will report back when the flaws show themselves ha ha!

“Vizify: Your digital self on one snazzy website
You’ve got reams of social and professional info scattered across all corners of the net–on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and who knows how many other networks. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow consolidate it all–with a few clicks–into one professional-looking website?

This is the charm of Vizify, which stands apart from existing personal site builders with its eye-catching, customized infographics. To set up the site, you just need to connect existing social profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Relevant data is then pulled in and automagically arranged into not just a homepage but an entire website, with pages dedicated to your resume, education, social-media activity, and more.

It takes a bit of tinkering to get things looking just right, but the layout and graphics are top-notch. Among the coolest features: a timeline of all of your tweets showing which words you mention most from month to month; an instant graphical resume; and a customized animation illustrating all the places you’ve called home over the years.””

My Vizify site : Jill Jacques


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