How to be an Information Professional in a Web 2.0 World

Web 2.0 librarian is a librarian who has become comfortable and proficient at applying and using Web 2.0 technologies in their work space. They have integrated social software into the workspace to help communicate, collaborate and deliver a more up to date service. They seek out their users and endeavour to deliver the information their users require in various social formats.

Being  an information professional in a Web 2.0 world, requires the individual to be adaptable, flexible and an active and interested learner. Being current with new technologies and up to date with changes to these technologies requires an investment into their own personal and professional development. They need to be able to communicate and collaborate, be agents of change and new ideas. They must be confident and proactive to initiate change and innovative in their involvement.

Proficiency in computer skills is an advantage, but an open approach to many of the social software platforms can result in great beneficial growth, for a service and self-learning.

Awareness of the needs and requirements of both the organisation and the users is paramount. Change can often be met with fear, criticism and apathy. It is important therefore for the information professional to be very open and engage all in different conversations and levels of involvement in the use and application of new technologies. Targeting groups rather than individuals is always helpful and earns greater success, if the technology is useful and works well, people will be happy to be connected and collaborating.

The information professional in the Web 2.0 world must maintain professional lifelong learning but also apply that learning to new technologies and all they offer. They must maintain a user focus, be collaborative and part of a strong team. Be a tireless communicator, educator and proponent of new technologies, but with this also carry valuable traits of being adaptable, flexible, creative, proactive, resilient and persistent.

It is an exciting and ever changing world in Web 2.0, and if approached with these traits and much enthusiasm great things can be achieved, with and for all.

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