Embracing Library 2.0

You Tube Building Academic Library 2.0 – Meredith Farkas

After viewing the You Tube video and considering Meredith Farkas’s advice, she puts forth some pertinent points regarding the use of social software in libraries and how best to use these technologies to your advantage. It is important to remember with the application of web 2.0, we have moved from consumers of the web to participants in the web and it will be imperative to get users and customers to realise this as well to be able to share and collaborate.

Five key points that stood out from this presentation where:

  • Know your users, and work towards meeting changing user needs
  • Question everything you do and how you do it. Get rid of the culture of perfect
  • Communicate with Patrons, become more transparent. Trust your users
  • Create partnerships, with other similar organisations
  • Be aware of emerging technologies and opportunities and look outside the library world for applications and inspiration.

To evaluate some of these points I will use my local library again Mornington Peninsula Libraries as a comparison. Although initially this was applied to an academic library, with the application of web 2.0 technologies these points apply equally to any library service.

Mornington library service I believe has identified its users and their general demographic and strives to meet their needs. It also needs to reach out and capture new users as well .By being active in social media, this may encourage new patrons to join and use the service. They have opened up lines for communication and collaboration from their users by encouraging feedback and comment. Being on open platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and sharing their information allows users to connect with the library and information in places where they are. They have connected and created networks with local organisations that are of interest to their patrons, the local historical society, local poetry club and book clubs and have actively created spaces where their clientele can share or comment.

I believe a library blog would be a great addition to the library page and greater connection to the other shire library services in the local and surrounding areas. Some other library services and central Melbourne libraries should be linked for information on what they have on offer, for seniors, in holiday time, for children, which may appeal when patrons travel out of the local area.

References& Related Articles

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Viewed 10/1/2014.

Mornington Library


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