Website Design and Libraries

1.10 Top Tips for Website Design:web search

  1. Website Design – Eye catching ,strong bold graphics
  2. Navigation  – Easy to use ,east to find and accessible ,easy to follow and move between different pages
  3. Images and Visual Aids –Use full impact of visual applications. Use of Pictures and images/graphics/bight ,vivid colours where applicable .Symbols and Icons to help navigate through pages
  4. Mobile Friendly – make web page compatible for use on a mobile deviceand for different web browsers make a structured version that works well on mobile application…so not scrolling through a lot of pages.
  5. Search Box accessible on every page
  6. Links to Social media; Facebook/twitter etc.
  7. Interaction
  8. Ask ? query and question space. Feedback possible
  9. Ability to search catalogue as a non-member and access membership as required
  10. Up to Date and all links work

2.The Library I have chosen to evaluate for this question, is my local public library ;The Mornington Library, part of the Mornington Peninsula Shire Libraries. Which is comprised of four branches and 1 Mobile for the Mornington Peninsula Shire in Victoria. Interestingly enough this website was only updated and refurbished as of October 2013,so it is fairly new and quite refreshing from the original quite static design of old. Given its recent change, it would also be hoped the design lives up to many of the outlined features above.

The Mornington Peninsula Library: Our Library   logo

The Peninsula Shire were very happy with the new website, they made a You Tube video to advertise its launch

Our Library You Tube       our library

The website is well designed and fits all of the criteria and fulfils many more. It is well laid out in an easy read format, in bold, but not too graphic design and colour. There is a large user base of seniors as well as children and families, so I feel the layout is targeted to its intended audience. It is mobile compatible. Clearly set out with search site buttons on each pages and no fuss navigation. There is a moving sales banner to attract interest of upcoming events and interactive links. There is an Ask the Librarian, Tutor or general enquiry page and a link to each branch location and the information you require. The full catalogue is available and access to eBooks. Feedback and comment is welcomed, with a thumb up or down if the information provided was useful or not. An online booking system is available for use of computers in the branches and staff interacts with users in their book reviews. Links to social media are provided and prominent to Facebook/Twitter/YouTube and Pinterest.

The new and updated Webpages certainly seem to be trying to connect and converse with their intended audience. The added connection to Facebook and twitter etc.(not previously available).Shows the library has approached the online presence for their library in a fully comprehensive way .It is trying to reach all of its patrons and be available and accessible in the places their patrons like to access their information. The new website design ,shows a belief in user friendly access and  a belief in connection and collaboration from its patrons,can only help to further the library and its service.

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