ASU Libraries: Achieving the 4C’s??

ASU certainly appear to have embraced Web 2.0 technologies and hope to achieve great things by use of these social media platforms. Their comprehensive channel on You Tube, with an outstanding range of information contained in their Library Minute videos, shows what proactive and forward thinking use of this technology can produce. It is accessible, lively, informative and appealing and most of all easy to understand, so the message and information is clearly accessed and absorbed by the viewer. This visual video format (although there is room to comment) probably leaves less likelihood of conversation than the other two platforms ASU Libraries employs. They use both Facebook and Twitter as two main social media platforms and there is a real sense of connectivity to their intended community of ASU students and staff.

The Facebook page of the University in comparison to the ASU Library Facebook page shows that although the libraries page is informative and full of useful and interesting information, it rarely moves to a collaboration and conversation platform, as the main university page does .It would seem a great platform of information, but still lacking student/staff input and collaboration, to reap the potential benefit. The 4C’s in this case are not met. Few conversations, content creation or collaboration seem to be occurring. Also the “likes”  in this case are much lower than the university page, so it would appear a lower amount of traffic is coming across the page and actively using it. There isn’t even a link from the Universities main Facebook page to the Library Facebook page, which seems an oversight.

By comparison ASU Libraries Twitter page has a much larger following, which does seem a bit more collaborative and connective. It has targeted a larger community following and conversations and collaborations are being made. As well as an informative digestive of what is on offer at the library in regards to further learning and information for staff ,students and the whole ASU community. This could possibly be a reflection of the way people wish to access news and information, in reasonable bite sized notices, before going further to research the detail they require.


ASU Libraries

ASU Libraries


News and information about ASU Libraries.

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