Assignment 1

Social networking is interconnecting humans all over the planet to share, experience ,create, observe and participate .It allows individuals to connect with like-minded people to share interests information ,advice, join groups on a professional and a social level. Users can create a profile which may or may not be similar to their own selves and converse with a wide range of people around the globe. The ease of communication and instant delivery can be greatly beneficial to information providers and business alike. Connectivity and ability to collaborate and share information and resources has enhanced many operations output and many benefits can be gained across different platforms.

The social networking technologies I use personally are Facebook ,Tumblr Instagram,Wiki and LinkedIn .I have opened accounts for Twitter(which I said I ‘d never do!) Mashable, Delicious, Flikr and WordPress for this session. I ‘m not sure how many I will maintain after the session, although I have realised I’m a visual learner and the impact of information on some of the sites is much more effective and appealing than some other forms of delivery. Second Life holds very little appeal at present(are we not supposed to live in this reality ,rather than create a new one?). I am aiming to try everything and hope to see which are beneficial and what technologies best suit which purpose and the impact and importance they have to the world of information not just now, but also in the future.

I’m really hoping to be more fluent with social networking technologies by the end of INF206.To have embraced the great positive benefits and be able to identify which tools and sites are best used for which purpose and organisation. Also to be more consciously aware of the drawbacks and flaws of this very dynamic and ever-changing environment, so I can use it constructively and positively in a professional capacity.


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